Friday, 23 September 2016

Broadband Speed....s....l....o...w..w....w!


We are having technical difficulties with uploading information onto our Website and Blogs and are waiting for repairs. In the meantime, we will try our best to keep our Blogs up to date.... Have a good weekend!

End of Summer, beginning of Autumn!

Photos of the wonderful animals I have spotted this summer! Can you;-

  • Name them?
  • Describe the habitat you might find each animal in?


Saturday, 10 September 2016

More photos of the Saturday afternoon challenges and evening fun.

Great Swing, Zip Wire and Caving Photos

They look a bit anxious on this one!

And some more!

Latest photos from Robinwood

Photos from last night and this morning!

The sun has come out!

The children have had lunch and are participating in the Crate Challenge and Challenge Course this afternoon. The sun has just come out! Miss S and Mr R report that some children have really pushed themselves to achieve far beyond what they ever thought they could do. They have really demonstrated our school values of 'Endeavour' and 'Trust' and will come home braver and more confident than ever before! They will come home as 'Super heroes'!
More photos later...